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To fulfill the requirements of local operators, J.R. Construction Ltd has designed and manufactured many customized products which is mainly based on the raw materials available in local market.

Airtight Door

To protect from rain water and dust, the air tight door is suitable for equipment room in remote BTS locations. A door sensor is also installed with the door open-close information to central maintenance center.

Antenna Mount

Depending on tower type, leg section, cross members and antenna, the Antenna Mount is designed to hold the 0.6m ~ 3.8m grid & solid parabolic antenna rigidly against the wind pressure up to 260 km/h.

Supply & Installation of Poles

Different types of poles are designed & manufactured for rooftop, based on site requirements, antenna loads and wind speed. Poles are made of 4 inch GI pipe with a height up to 30 ft. The cross supports are made of 1.5 ~ 2 inch GI pipes. These can be placed on a roof with RCC base with support of existing column rod or top rod of the roof. 1.6 m solid dish microwave or/and 1.6 m sector cellular antenna can be mounted. The poles are equipped with climbing facility and 0.5 inch dia & 3 ft long franking rod.

Ground Bar

Made of hard drawn copper bus bar. Supplied with fixing attachments and holes for fixing ground cables.

Cable Tray

Different types of cable tray for outdoor or indoor application are available. The light duty outdoor type cable tray is made of 1.5 inch steel bar rail with 1 inch angle rung, welded in 12 inch spacing, width of the tray 18 inch and module length 10 ft. The heavy duty type cable tray is made of 2 inch steel bar rail with 1inch box rung, welded in 12 inch spacing, width of the tray 18 inch and module length 10 ft. For indoor type cable tray is 12 inch width. The cable tray can be either enamel painted or post galvanized.

Another special type cable tray is available which is made of perforated 18G galvanized steel sheets, 12 inch wide and 2 inch return flange. All types of cable tray are inclusive of the fixing hardware for fixing on the roof or from support wall. The cable tray can be both indoor and outdoor type.

Equipment Rack & Cabinet

Both 19” standard slim rack and cabinets are available. A typical cabinet (diagram at right) is welded fabricated provides a 1000 lb. weight capacity. Solid steel hinged doors and 4-point magnetic closure pre-installed in front door and vented rear door. 1/8 inch thick structural steel internal braces. Electrical knockouts on rear plates (top & bottom), easily removable for cable pass-through. Durable textured paint coat finish. 23 inch panel width versions also available. Accessories like cooling fans, copper buss bar, document pocket, door latch, ganging hardware, leveling feet, wheels, removable side panels etc are also available.

Cable Organizer

PVC cable organizer, suitable for horizontal & vertical positions in the 19” rack or similar positions.

Battery Rack

Free standing type battery rack is made of steel members. It can take up to 1800 Kg load and can accommodate up to 24 battery banks of different size. Proper ventilations and easy accessibility are taken into consideration for designing the battery racks. These racks can be easily assembled and dismantle.