Key Characteristics

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From senior management to the field level, all activities will be carried out with a total commitment to integrity.
Quality All of our work will be executed with strict adherence to all local regulations and in full compliance with our corporate safety program.


All projects will be performed on time, on budget and in total accordance with project specifications.
Customer Satisfaction No project is closed until the customer is satisfied with all aspects of the project. We have built a tremendous base of repeat customers due to our commitment to customer satisfaction. J.R. Construction Ltd. has created a system for receiving, recording, analyzing, forecasting and taking corrective actions on all non-conformities/complaints pointed out by customer. Customer complaints are entertained through corrective & prevention action.

Low Cost Producer

We combine vast project experience with leading edge technology to achieve higher levels of productivity, ultimately lowering project cost. We constantly strive to provide our clients with the best performance for the lowest cost.


We have been under the same management since inception, which assures our clients of consistency and reliability.
Liability Protection We provide the highest level of liability protection by performing all work in full compliance, including complete compliance documentation, and utilizing the industry’s most experienced and dedicated workforce.

Training to Employees

J.R. Construction Ltd. is committed to provide a complete range of training required by its employees to perform their assigned responsibilities. This includes orientation, job, equipment, managerial & quality system related training.